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Your Capoeira Classes For Kids in San Diego!

Massape Capoeira for kids San Diego California, Helping hand!
"On kids class it is about the kids and the great citizens they can be!"

Massape Capoeira Luanda San Diego, california Capoeira and Music for kids    When teaching for kids, I use Capoeira as  a wonderful tool it is to educate and  discipline  body and mind.

      I teach in each class: Culture, Martial Art,  Music,  Dance,  Acrobatics,  Portuguese  and  Socialization skills... 
    Together  we  create  a  fun and safe environment for your kid to develop himself  in several   different  aspects:  physically, socially, mentally, emotionally!

    This way our general goal is to be assisting him or  her  to  be   better   prepared  for  life  and challenges   that  will  come  and still have fun during the road... 

Massape Capoeira for kids San Diego California face challenges happy

 Here we develop Friendships!                                                                                                            Some of them last for life...

Massape Capoeira San DIego California - Capoeira for kids and friendship

Because here we learn that friends and  respect  for   each   other   are fundamental for a happy life!

Kids & Adults
Capoeira Classes

       A regular Capoeira kids class as well as an adult  class  includes:  stretching,  warm up,  practice of the basic dance steps of Capoeira,    dodge   movements,  kicks, acrobatics, music, involving instruments playing and  singing- and   also   some  of    the   culture  with stories, words, songs    in    Portuguese  and   lots  of  simple and fun educational   games      and     positive challenges  for  all  ages; all  in  the  same class!!!  As you can see,  Capoeira is  a full package for  kids and   adults – naturally - including many classes in one and for the cost of one class only!  

Music& Capoeira
Music Inspires Learning
Massape Capoeira  classes for kids - Music Inspires Learning
        In  Capoeira,  music  is present every  class!  There is  no  Capoeira without music and even if there is no actual  music  the  player  should  be imagining  a  rhythm,  a  cadence  to perform his art.       
        Music plays  an  important  role in every   child’s   specially,   but  in  every persons general development. Beginning at  birth,  music  stimulates  the  brain   and provides  a  platform   for  listening,  for languages  and  for  creativity; research shows that children who    play  an  instrument  excel  academically,  including scoring higher on standardized tests.        
        Studies  have  shown  that  playing  a  musical instrument    can   measurably   enhance  a   child’s     intellectual development: it engages imagination and creativity;  promotes   concentration  and    memory  retention;     develops   abstract   reasoning   skills;    sharpens problem-solving skills  and        emotional development;   boosts     self-confidence;      builds   self-discipline; makes learning fun; and as   physical   developments   -   sharpens  hand-eye  coordination;  hones sense of rhythm; stimulates social interaction    and encourages self expression; builds relationships   with peers    bringing      people       together.

Kids age 3 to 5
Their developmental process.  

San Diego Capoeira Massape instructions for kids high five!      It is my strong believe that Capoeira classes for the ages of 3 to 5  years  old - specifically - are  not  really  about  teaching  them  strictly  Capoeira.  It  is   about  using  Capoeira  as  a  tool  to help and  stimulate  the  kids, your  kid, and their  development   as  a   person   and citizen immerse in a society.

      That means the focus is on the skills and  abilities the  kids  are  developing  on each  specific   stage  of   their  lives   to understand themselves and others...

     Using the rich and multiple Capoeira tools  I  can   support  and   stimulate   a successful  development  process of  the children.  That  means  to  create  a safe,  reliable,  and   each   time  more   conscious environment for their exploration of the world around  them and specially the world inside them, body and mind. On this age,  more  at 3 and less as much as they  get  close  to 5  the boys and grills are   experiencing   and  exploring   their inner world.

       Preschool children are learning to use and test their bodies. The  preschool  years  are  a  time  for learning what they can do individually and how they
can do it. Locomotion plays a  large  role   in motor   and skill development and includes  such  activities
as moving the body through space, walking, running, hopping, jumping,   rolling,   dancing, climbing,  and leaping.  Preschoolers   use  these    activities    to    investigate and explore  the relationships     among themselves, space, objects in space and others kids…           
       Below  are  some  more of   the aspects  that  kids  on  this  age  are developing and that I will be directly supporting and stimulating growth in classes  with games, exercises and increasing communication, starting with the 3 years old on:

Language and
Thinking Development
Massape Capoeira Classes for kids in San Diego Claifornia Developmental processes(Strongly stimulated trough the natural communications process every class and explanation each time more complex of exercises and games)

  • 3years understands most of what is said and 75 percent of speech is understandable
  • speaks in complete sentences of three to five words
  • matches pictures to objects
  • learns by doing and through the senses
  • understands concepts of "now," "soon," and "later"
  • begins to recognize cause-and-effect relationships

Social and Emotional Development
WolfCanyon 2011 90

  • follow simple directions; enjoys helping with tasks
  • recognize own limitsasks for help
  • play alone and near other children
  • Learning to cooperate and share well
  • make choices between two things
  • begins to notice other people's moods and feelings

Thank you very much,
Instructor Massape,
Capoeira Luanda studio in San Diego California.

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