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Instructor Massape Capoeira - Martial Art - Culture - Music - Dance - Acrobatics - Art Form

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Some moments of Massape Capoeira history in San Diego.
Some moments of the history - Instructor Massape Capoeira from Grupo Luanda in San Diego.
Luanda San Diego 
California, USA.

   Instructor Massapê,
has the mission to bring Capoeira to all San Diego community in it's full potential: Culture, Martial Art, Music, Dance, Acrobatics!

Surf our virtual studio
and find out more
about Capoeira...

Capoeira Luanda Instructor Massape in San Diego California - camisa frente - Grupo Luanda San DiegoMassape montagem sem capu bras logo
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Capoeira Luanda San Diego, CA - Instructor Massape
Parts of our Capoeira road in San Diego, our studio, our friends, our history... Capoeira Classes in North Park, San Diego, California for Kids Teenagers and Adults.
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Capoeira Classes in San Diego, by Instructor Massape Capoeira Grupo Capoeira Luanda North Park, San Diego, CA, USA.
Our older teaser... Capoeira Classes for Kids, Teenagers and Adults at our North Park Studio.

Instructor Massape
Capoeira Luanda studio
in San Diego, CA, USA.
We are happy to bring capoeira to
all San Diego community;
Our Studio, Gym Host Classes and Instructions 
in North Park - San Diego 
For Kids and Adults! 
Performances: Corporations - Schools - After schools - Lectures, Parties... Contact us!
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