Capoeira Luanda San Diego - Instructor Massape - San Diego, CA
Instructor Massape Capoeira - Martial Art - Culture - Music - Dance - Acrobatics - Art Form
Hi, I'm Instructor Massape from Capoeira Luanda San Diego, California, USA.

Massape Capoeira Luanda Studio in San Diego California 
   I'm  under  the  supervision  of  Professor Macarrao and the Direction of Mestre Jelon Vieira.      I hold  a  bachelor  in  psychology   which  I  believe contributes  greatly to the quality of my class.  I  have taken   several  workshops  to improve my teaching  skills. 
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Capoeira Instructor Massape teaches at the World Beat Center Childrens Yoga Camp
Intructor Massape Capoeira Teaches a fun class at the Yoga camp on the World Beat Center of San Diego.Those kids never made a Capoeir classs before...

These workshops  includes  class  for kids with
Mestre  Toni   Vargas  and  many  others about:  acrobatics techniques, music  and instructions. My capoeira teaching experience  has included over 15  different  academies,  numerous  after school programs, private instruction, and small group classes.  I have  even  had  the  pleasure  of teaching capoeira for over 200 kids, at once, for  the  non-profit   organization   Athletes   for Education in San Diego, CA.

      My  knowledge  in   capoeira   goes   far     beyond
instructions; I have also performed capoeira in many different   capacities.  From   small  venues  such   as    coffee shops,  night  clubs, and private functions,  to  larger  events  like San  Diego Street  Scene (3years),   World   Rugby  Finals at  PetCo Park... One particular event that gives  me great pride was the Youth  Promise Act; this performance  was held in   Washington    D.C.   at   the House of the Senate. 
        I   have    enjoyed    teaching  capoeira for more than 14   years   now.   Although  I  have taught in Brazil and New Zealand, I  have  been  teaching  in beautiful San Diego for over 9 years.  
       I believe    capoeira   can   be   a developmental  tool  for  all  people.  Anyone  can benefit  greatly  through  the   different   aspects   of  capoeira;  physical,  mental  and psychological.  Through   these   outlets   capoeira   has   the  ability  to  cultivate rich experiences socially, creatively and culturally as a beautiful form of expression.
       It  has  always  been  a  dream of  mine  to  teach  capoeira  to   all   ages,    and   it   gives   me    great pleasure  to   have   achieved   that    dream. I look forward  to bring this beautiful art form in to your life.
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Instructor Massape Capoeira Luanda Wile still part of Grupo Capoeira Brasil...
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Massape e Macarrao
Batizado Interno CApoeira Brasil San Diego 2007
    Sincerely, Instructor Massapê.

Massape Capoeira, Classes in San Diego and Chula Vista for kids and adults, studio in San Diego since 2007.
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