Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!
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Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!
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Capoeira Luanda San Diego, Instructor Massape

Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!

    Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!

    Capoeira is not religious but ritualistic and that means with ceremonial procedures! There, the players have to imbue themselves – progressively - as time and experience comes of dedication, respect, turning one day in to devotion to those ceremonials and procedures… Not to a god, not to a master alone –if he deserves it, or to a specific capoeira group… A real, mature capoeirista is devotional to the art form itself – devoted to Capoeira. It becomes part of your blood, it becomes who you are…
    From the begging when you are standing in the “roda”, the circle, for long times, just watching - you are playing the game already! A music game, a ritual game… You are part of the set up - you are part of an orchestra that goes beyond the music and gets in to peoples body; and transforms into capoeira games!!! Your energy comes through your music, through your eyes - also - in the form of attention, looking at the games… You give them your claps, your singing, your “axe”! The players feed of it, and give back in the form of a beautiful game… dangerous, charming, hypnotic…
Capoeira is a metaphor for life… and you in it, as in life as well; you are always a part of the bigger cycle or circle (“roda”) of things…  Keep clapping and singing, keep connected – give to receive and receive to give- let the energy, let the Axe, flow through you, be part of the ritual! 
    That is where capoeira meets the meditation. Like in meditation, you need to give up of the rest, you need to clean up your body and mind and spirit (if you believe on it) to be able to flow the “Axe” vital energy that runs through everything…
Come our dynamic meditation class :) Capoeira!!!

By: Massape Capoeira Luanda San Diego

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