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Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!
Capoeira for Kids. Classes age 3 to 5 years old
Music inspires learning.


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Capoeira Luanda San Diego, Instructor Massape


Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!

    Capoeira is a very ritualistic art form!

    Capoeira is not religious but ritualistic and that means with ceremonial procedures! There, the players have to imbue themselves – progressively - as time and experience comes of dedication, respect, turning one day in to devotion to those ceremonials and procedures… Not to a god, not to a master alone –if he deserves it, or to a specific capoeira group… A real, mature capoeirista is devotional to the art form itself – devoted to Capoeira. It becomes part of your blood, it becomes who you are…
    From the begging when you are standing in the “roda”, the circle, for long times, just watching - you are playing the game already! A music game, a ritual game… You are part of the set up - you are part of an orchestra that goes beyond the music and gets in to peoples body; and transforms into capoeira games!!! Your energy comes through your music, through your eyes - also - in the form of attention, looking at the games… You give them your claps, your singing, your “axe”! The players feed of it, and give back in the form of a beautiful game… dangerous, charming, hypnotic…
Capoeira is a metaphor for life… and you in it, as in life as well; you are always a part of the bigger cycle or circle (“roda”) of things…  Keep clapping and singing, keep connected – give to receive and receive to give- let the energy, let the Axe, flow through you, be part of the ritual! 
    That is where capoeira meets the meditation. Like in meditation, you need to give up of the rest, you need to clean up your body and mind and spirit (if you believe on it) to be able to flow the “Axe” vital energy that runs through everything…
Come our dynamic meditation class :) Capoeira!!!

By: Massape Capoeira Luanda San Diego

Capoeira for Kids. Classes age 3 to 5 years old

        Every  regular kids class includes:  stretching,  warm up,  practice  of   the basic dance steps of Capoeira,  dodge  movements,  kicks,  acrobatics,  music  involving     instruments    playing    and singing   and  also  some  of  the culture with      stories,      words,    songs    in Portuguese  and  lots  of simple and fun games  and  positive  challenges;  all  in
the same class!!! As you can see,  Capoeira  is  a  full package – naturally - including many classes in one.  

Kids 3 to 5 years old
& their developmental process.

        My name is Andre Amado  and  I’m known    in     Capoeira     as    Instructor Massape. I’m student  of  the  pioneer  of Capoeira   in   the   USA,    Master  Jelon Vieira, with over 50 years on this art form. I’ve been  practicing this  art  for 19 years now and  teaching  for  14  and  since  the beginning  I  had  interest  on  teaching for kids. During my bachelors  in  psychology (concluded  in  2005  at   PUC - Rio   de Janeiro  -  Brazil)  I   studied    extensively Capoeira   and  its   relation   with  human development for kids and adults,  under  a lot      of       different            perspectives: psychologically, developmentally, socially,  and  culturally, as well as a sport form and more... I  have taught  regular  classes and workshops   in   many   different   venues, private   gyms,   schools,   after   schools, universities   and   over   a  few   different countries: Brazil, New Zealand, USA and Mexico.        
       It  is  my  strong  believe  that  Capoeira  classes for the ages of 3 to 5 years old specifically are not really about  teaching  them  strictly  Capoeira.  It  is   about using Capoeira as a tool to help and  stimulate the kids, your kid, and their development as a person  and  citizen  immerse  in  a society. That means the focus is on the skills and abilities  the  kids  are  developing  on each specific stage of their lives. Using the rich and multiple Capoeira tools I can support and stimulate that development process of the children creating safe, reliable, and conscious environment for their exploration of the world around them and specially the world inside them – body and mind. On this age,  more  at  3  and  less  as  much  as  they  get  close  to 5 the boys and grills are experiencing and exploring their inner world. Preschool  children  are  learning to use and test their bodies. The preschool years are  a  time  for  learning what they can do individually and how they can  do it. Locomotion plays a large role in motor and skill development   and   includes   such   activities  as  moving  the  body  through  space: walking,    running,    hopping,    jumping,  rolling,  dancing,   climbing,  and   leaping. Preschoolers  use these activities  to investigate and explore  the relationships among themselves, space, objects in space and others kids… 
       Below are some more of the aspects that kids  on  this  age  are developing and that  I  will  be  directly   supporting    and stimulating growth  in  classes with games, exercises  and  increasing communication, starting with the 3 years old on...

Language and Thinking Development
(Strongly stimulated trough the natural communications process every class and
explanation of exercises and games)

  • 3years understands most of what is said and 75 percent of speech is understandable
  • speaks in complete sentences of three to five words
  • matches pictures to objects
  • learns by doing and through the senses
  • understands concepts of "now," "soon," and "later"
  • begins to recognize cause-and-effect relationships

Social and Emotional Development 

  • follow simple directions; enjoys helping with tasks
  • recognize own limitsasks for help
  • play alone and near other children
  • Learning to cooperate and share well
  • make choices between two things
          begins to notice other people's moods and feelings

Music inspires learning.

Music & Capoeira 
Music inspires learning. 

       In Capoeira, music is present every class! There is no Capoeira without  music and even if there is no actual  music the player should be imagining  a rhythm, a cadence to perform his art.
      Music plays an important  role in  every child’s  development. Beginning at birth, music stimulates the brain and provides a platform for listening, for languages and for creativity; research  shows  that  children who play an instrument excel academically, including scoring higher on standardized tests.
      Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can measurably enhance a child’s  intellectual  development:   it engages   imagination  and  creativity; promotes concentration  and  memory  retention;  develops  abstract reasoning skills; sharpens problem-solving  skills and  emotional development;  boosts  self-confidence;  builds self-discipline; makes learning fun; and as physical developments- sharpens hand-eye coordination;  hones  sense of rhythm;  stimulates  social  interaction  and encourages self-expression; builds relationships with peers bringing people together.


“Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings
of our lives, they should also govern it.”

Capoeira today is an art form!
A blend of: culture, fight, music, dance, acrobatics and social skills.

means, not only, be a capoeira player
but live its lifestyle!

San Diego Instructor Massape Capoeira

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