Capoeira Classes

Capoeira Classes

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which mixes several elements: martial arts, music, dance, acrobatics and culture.
Information on African slave trade. Massape Capoeira Luanda Studio in San Diego California Started with Africans brought to Brazil as slaves back in the 1600’s and initially was simply their way of defending themselves and try to escape for freedom. Soon, they creatively developed a way to train right in front of the oppressor eyes without been noticed…
They mixed and disguised their train with their culture, music and dance, this way they could not only practice their fighting skills but also enjoy and express the feelings, emotions and culture suppressed in their hearts transforming sadness into joy.
From the 1600 hundreds to now the Capoeira art form developed enormously, spread over the 5 continents and now it is present in many countries with easily over a hundred thousand of practitioners. This art form has the focus on happiness, expression of the self and personal development: physical, mental and emotional affecting the whole human been.

Kids & Adults
Capoeira Classes Routines…

Class at Capoeira Luanda Studio in San, Diego Chula Vista, CA. USA. Professor Estyllo from Capoeira Brasil Workshop. A regular kids class as well as an adult class includes: stretching, warm up, practice of the basic dance steps of Capoeira, dodge movements, kicks, acrobatics, music, involving instruments playing and singing- and also some of the culture with stories, words, songs in Portuguese and lots of simple and fun educational games and positive challenges for all ages; all in the same class!!! As you can see, Capoeira is a full package for kids and adults – naturally – including many classes in one and for the cost of one class only!

Music& Capoeira
Music Inspires Learning

Massape Capoeira Luanda studio and Classes Kids and Adults in San Diego, California, USA. Example of Martial Art, Music, Dance, Acrobatics, Brazilian Culture, and Portuguese language. In Capoeira, music is present every class! There is no Capoeira without music and even if there is no actual music the player should be imagining a rhythm, a cadence to perform his art.
Music plays an important role in every child’s specially, but in every persons general development. Beginning at birth, music stimulates the brain and provides a platform for listening, for languages and for creativity; research shows that children who play an instrument excel academically, including scoring higher on standardized tests.
Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can measurably enhance a child’s intellectual development: it engages imagination and creativity; promotes concentration and memory retention; develops abstract reasoning skills; sharpens problem-solving skills and emotional development; boosts self-confidence; builds self-discipline; makes learning fun; and as physical developments- sharpens hand-eye coordination; hones sense of rhythm; stimulates social interaction and encourages self expression; builds relationships with peers bringing people together.

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Capoeira Luanda in San Diego, CA – Instructor Massape kids and adults Classes
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(619) 701-7613 massape@gmail.comCLASS SCHEDULE AND LOCATIONS CLICK HERE!! Massape capoeira’s Studio is in North Park, San Diego, California, USA. Capoeira classes for Kids (starting at 3 years old), Teenagers and Adults!