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During the early 1500’s Brazil received more Africans salves than any other place in the world. These slaves came from many different nations/tribes in Africa. Once they landed in Brazilian
soil, the slaves mourned the loss of their freedom and the demise of so many family and friends. Using the skill and
knowledge learned from mother Africa the slaves did not surrender easily, they fought vigorously to keep their freedom. And in this new land they had sons and daughters, who were now children of Brazil…
While we still train and practice this ancient art form, capoeira does not look as it did when the slaves were doing it.
In the beginning, capoeira was a way for the slaves to defend themselves while trying to escape in to the jungles of Brazil. With time, the late 1700’s to the early 1900’s, when free and fugitive slaves migrated to the main cities of Brazil, capoeira passed through an urbanization process. Over time capoeira has incorporated culture, music, acrobatics and dance becoming much more than just a form of self-defense.
Capoeira began its international journey during the 1970’s when two important Mestres (Masters) Jelon Vieira and Acordeon went to live the US and share capoeira. Around the same time the capoeira group “Senzala” took their performance to Europe. As a result of these and many others pioneers of culture the art of capoeira has maintained its primitive roots while growing with a contemporary vision.
A true form of self-expresion, today capoeira attracts people from all walks of life.
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Capoeira Brasil San diego 2009
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Capoeira Brasil in Europe 2002
Great exemple of contemporary Capoeira (one of the most wached videos in “capoeira” of you tube). It is very acrobatic edition…
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This is an interview with Master Bimba Founder of the first legal Capoeira Studio in Brazil. Creator of the “Regional” style of capoeira. This is the base of the contemporary capoeira.
Mestre Bimba without suport to his art Left the state of Bahia. He moved to teach in Goiania state in 1972 and died in there, missing his homeland, in feb. 5 1974. After wach this video we can clearly see, waching the others, how much capoeira developed after Mestre Bimba left us… (the audio is not good but is worth the for the images…

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Great Exemple of CONTEMPORARY CAPOEIRA , Eberson play others from grupo Abada
A capoeirista on the top off his game and physical condicion! With an acrobatic but also agresive style…
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Capoeira Brasil Mestre Boneco, Los Angeles 2008. Green and blue cords roda
Contemporary Capoeira high cords play at event hosted by Mestre Boneco one of the tree founders of “Grupo Capoeira Brasil”. Playing: Ligerinho, Pavao, Massape, Jabu and others…